Our Services

It goes without saying, but the key to our success is to ensure both the employee and employer are happy, and choose to use us again. Our rates are very competitive in the market and discounts can be given on multiples. Companies of varying sizes make contact either because they want to solve individual or multiple users that may be suffering from discomfort at the workstation (Level 1). A more recent service which is now available due to its increasingly popularity is the telephone assessment service (Level 2). All companies are different and we will work with you in whichever way you wish.

We assess, report and deliver, the full package!  Any recommended equipment can be sourced. From experience, customers don’t like the hassle of sourcing products themselves so the complete solution is offered but not compulsory, allowing continuity and efficiency for clients.

During a typical assessment, the following areas are addressed –

  •  General background (medical history if applicable, activity levels, typical daily routine)
  •  The Desk (layout and positioning)
  •  The Chair
  •  The Screen, Keyboard and Mouse (positioning, glare and correct use)
  •  Purpose of visit (any discomfort issues)
  •  Regular breaks (Headaches, eye tests)
  •  The Environment (Noise levels, lighting, temperature etc)

More information about what each type of service entails can be found below. If you have any further questions or would like a quotation, please enquire below and we will get back to you shortly.

Level 1 – Specialist DSE Workstation Assessment (Onsite)

This is designed specifically to assist those with a specific condition for which more detailed attention is required. We will carry out a careful and detailed analysis of the workstation and minimise any issues that have the potential to cause harm. We will always advise and ensure good posture is being adopted. Generally, typical examples of people requiring more specialist assessments are Pregnant workers, Post trauma/injury, a specific condition, discomfort at the workstation, or out of the norm – very tall/short/petite/large.

Potential hazardous factors are identified on the spot and we find long lasting workplace solutions.  Workstation pain solutions are recommended for people who suffer with wide and varying conditions, including sciatic type symptoms and disc related discomfort.

The duration is approximately 45 – 60 minutes and includes a full written report with findings and recommendations for products, if needed and is sent within 3 working days.


Level 2 – Specialist DSE Workstation Assessment (Telephone Service)

This service is designed to make the process more streamlined by minimising costs and allowing a prompt turnaround. Because of time or cost constraints, this is becoming an increasingly popular option to some businesses, even some of the larger organisations due to its efficiency and effectiveness. We aim to speak to the end user within 3 working days of the initial enquiry. It involves a thorough telephone assessment and will require photos of the end user at the workstation in order to make an effective analysis. From this, it will allow all the other aspects mentioned above to be looked at in detail and any changes will be advised accordingly. A report is sent detailing the findings, recommendations and any equipment necessary, if required.